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NW:IV Sylvan Awe - Offering CD

Image of NW:IV Sylvan Awe - Offering CD


Melbourne based musician S. Callinan presents his first solo musical venture, Sylvan Awe, a significantly robust foray into the realm of Black Metal with its first release, the highly rewarding, ‘Offering’.

‘Offering’ is a deconstructive exploration of Man’s negative impact of the earth and the ceaseless desire for greed and destruction. It is an awakening process to and of the wonder and beauty there is left within the natural world and, a calling to the higher self and the internal struggles faced in the development of one’s identity.

Through the exploration of indigenous European, Celtic and Australian cultures and landscapes, and the contrast of those two homelands, Sylvan Awe grants the listener a strikingly passionate and honest musical journey through the ups and downs of connecting to that profound sense of self, buried deep within.

At times triumphant and heroic, at others despairing and nostalgic, ‘Offering’ is truly an album that connects to the spirit of land and of culture, through the muse of furiously beautiful Black Metal.

Natural World could not be prouder to present this album to the world. Not only do we think it is a vividly strong outing in a musical and thematic sense, this project belongs to a close friend and musical peer and being involved is a privilege we cherish immensely.

Available as an edition of 93.

Packaged in a 100% recycled boxboard digi-sleeve with 8-page booklet.

Artwork and photography by the artist and his kin.

Out November 1st

November 1st is the Gaelic celebration of Beltane, heralding the beginning of Summer, the time of plenty, in the Southern hemisphere.

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